Information on this project

The scene here was created with 3DS Max and
Substance Painter as part of a level creation
assignment for Plymouth College of Art. Created
over a one-month period, the scene was made to
visually provide a dynamic atmosphere that
could have some place within a video game. Some
post-processing took place in Photoshop.

Object or scene statistics

Total polygons: 3,275,007
Quadrilaterals: 3,275,007
Triangles: 5,996,143
Edges: 6,631,944
Vertices: 3,102,145
Unwrap: Comprises of 34 texture spaces
Textured: 4096×22, 2048×6, 1024×6

Autodesk® 3DS Max, Adobe® Substance Painter, Adobe® Illustrator and Adobe® Photoshop were used to create this project.

Project Progress