My name is Jack Dowson, and I am a digital 3D artist and asset modeller from the UK. Originally from Portsmouth, I have been living in Plymouth for quite some time now.

Ever since I was young, I have always been interested in drawing, but had no idea this would develop further in to a more 3D form. My real passion for 3D has only flourished in the past six years. At that time, I had absolutely no idea how the development of 3D even worked!

The same can be said for video games, too. While all the kids on the block were growing up with all sorts of new technology such as games and consoles, I never had the opportunity to take  part, it was only when I was in my twenties that I began playing.

I have always been interested in new technology, and keeping an eye open to the digital world around me. This combined with my willing to learn helped me forge a career, in a subject that is very appealing to me. No longer am I the one playing the video games, but I am making them too. Helping to create interactive stories (of any form) is now an ambition that I won't let go of.


When a friend introduced me to the world of 3D development back in 2011, I became hooked and always wanted to create something new, obsessing over the little details and seeing the results they bring. Since then I have learned so much in such a short space of time that I would like to put those skills to good use.


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